the first rays of the sun say
welcome to life in japan 

shadows lie down 
as cities wake up 
coffee and prayers 
incense and smog 

in temples and gardens 
citizens read blogs 
about robots that teach zen for a job 
the past is the future 
this is life in japan 

tourists are crossing shibuya in rain 
shinjuku is teeming with people on trains 
the underground is flowing 
through life in japan  

 in neon haze 
consumers are screened 
with a.i. surveillance and cctv 
download a demon   
or a ghost for a friend   
welcome the strange 
to life in japan 
this is life in japan  

mt. fuji, imperial castles 
the shimmering water 
of the inland sea 
at 200 miles an hour 
shinkansen is speeding
 through life in japan 
life in japan 

atami, nagoya, kyoto, osaka 
arriving at hiroshima 

the peace bell rings from memorial park 
to remember the souls 
who died in the blast  
 no goddess of mercy 
no time to pray 
she could not stop enola gay 
this is life in japan 
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